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Introduction  to the course

The dimension of care continuity “territorial and in hospital” requires special attentions which promote high quality level of life for the patients and their families. To define the strategies to take in charge people with chronic pathology is very important to reach good level of hospital-territorial integration – organisational and professional – in all those therapeutic choices linked to the project regarding the care of people. To guarantee high level quality of the cares on the territory the healthcare professional to keep on developing that knowledge which is necessary for the identification of the specific needs and of the resources of those people who take care and of their family. The specific needs are related to the personal story,  to the familiar environmental aspects, to the attitudes and interests, to the type of work, to the social role of the patient and to the resources of the family. The narrative medicine and methodology Parental pedagogy become operating strategies which make easy  to collect the experiences, the attitudes and the expectations of patients, relatives and healthcare professional workers involved in the care project and which allow to underline the family knowledge. The narrative description becomes in this way a fundamental tool of care to highlight the subjective elements of the helping situation. The project intends to provide professionals of health care that deliver medical care and assistance at home to patients with chronic diseases and disabled persons with the skills to acknowledge and understand the personal stories, character, attitudes, and cultural interests of the patient and how these are affected by the pathology, by combining three different approaches: Narrative medicine,  Methodology of parents' pedagogy, ICF. The combination of these three approaches aims at   development  a new interaction between the health carers, the patient and his/her family, based on a proactive exchange of information, knowledge and experiences. A specific objective of the project is to develop and spread, at European level, a better knowledge in a comparative perspective of the transnational state of art in the application of the concepts and methodologies of Narrative medicine, Methodology of parents' pedagogy and their role in the concrete application of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in the specific working environment.

The Heppy project is addressed to:

  • healthcare professional workers
  • patients with disabilities or/and chronic diseases
  • the healthcare sector